E-commerce delivery operation chain in Singapore

Have you ever wondered how the operations of the E commerce delivery services in SG looks like? Singaporeans enjoy the luxury of online shopping which comes with product delivery to their doorstep. However, many people take this whole service network for granted and does not stop to think how all these are made possible. Multiple businesses put in a lot of hard work and dedication to make this ecosystem work out. This includes the delivery service providers.

Regardless of whether you buy products from overseas or local shopping website, your products can be delivered fast and safely to your doorstep. This is how the whole delivery operation chain works out:

1. After you submit your order, the shopping website will submit details of your order to the main E-Commerce logistics company they are liaising with. If warehousing solutions are purchased, the E-Commerce logistics company will also help in the packing of the items, preparing them for distribution.

2. In the event the items need to be delivered to an overseas location, the logistics company will consolidate all the items for international shipping to the same countries. Then, the items will be sent to the overseas locations on a batch processing basis.

3. Once the items reach the destination country, the items will be moved to a local warehouse. If the main E-Commerce logistics company is big enough (for example, FedEx and DHL), they may have their own local warehouse in the country. If not, a local logistics company will take over. In essence, they are a subcontractor to the main E-Commerce logistics company. These local logistics companies are also called last mile delivery service providers.

4. The items will then be sorted out into different regions in the countries for efficient delivery. After which, they will be passed on to the teams of drivers and couriers for distribution.

The entire process stated above may take between 3 days to a month, depending if there are any traffic delays or unforeseen circumstances.

In order for this whole system to work, huge Information Technology have to be invested in it. The individual items need to be tracked. Moreover, software are needed to sort the parcels, to plan the delivery routes, and to plan the needed manpower. As more people shops online, the growth of E-Commerce businesses is certain. In turn, this will aid the E-Commerce logistics industry as well.

Next time you receive your items from your online shopping, you will be aware and more appreciative of its delivery operations.